The MARTIPEL defined by the creation of lamb leather goods among others.

All lamb skins, leather and suede used by us are a by-product of the food industry. Thus we use the skins and hides that would otherwise be unused, and turned them into beautiful naturally hot items, breathable and durable. It is a sustainable and ecologically sound use of resources.

We work together with our customers in order to produce comfortable items, quality and innovative. In this way we intend to establish trust relationships that resist in time! Thus, and being open to working with new partners in order to raise the quality, we are pleased to introduce you to our website with a show of our products and services.

We use only the best lamb skins, typically skin Portuguese Merino lamb, due to its luxurious feel, edurabilidade softness. Are very warm to wear in the cold and have their own natural wool lining from the sheep. Wool that this is an organic, naturally pure product which regulates the temperature of the heated body to maintain. The sheep skin smoothness and reducing fatigue provides the possession of 100% natural pores allows the parts to breathe normally and therefore removes the moisture. The consequence are comfortable and odorless parts.




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